Buy Crypto with Credit Card at KuCoin

Crypto Credit Card

Singapore based exchange, KuCoin, has partnered with an Israeli based payment processing company Simplex to facilitate its users to buy crypto with credit card. Users can use their Visa or MasterCard to make the purchase.

KuCoin users can now buy bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash ABC and litecoin through US dollars and Euro. The service to buy crypto with credit card is available in 100 countries.

Simplex works with some of the largest crypto wallets, platforms and exchanges throughout the globe. Thus, its services are trusted, safe and secure.

Read the official announcement here: KuCoin Enables Credit Card Payments for Crypto

Credit Card Payment Processing Workflow

In order to understand the workflow of credit card payment processing, one must first understand what payment processing is.

In a previous post, we discussed what is card payment processing. The workflow for processing a typical card payment could look something like this:

credit card processing workflow

The key players in a credit card process are:

  • Acquirer
  • Issuer
  • Credit Card Association
  • ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations)
  • Merchant
  • Cardholder
credit card payment processing workflow

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